Muscle Energy Technique (MET) of Lumbar Spine

Lumbar Treatment


Initial Assessment- 1 Hour 

Review of your medical history, orthopaedic assessment of the injured & surrounding areas, followed by therapeutic treatment.

Follow Up Treatment - 1 Hour  

Therapeutic treatments include use of Therapeutic Modalities (ultrasound, interferential current, TENS), Muscle Energy Techniques, Soft tissue Release, Massage, K-Taping and Exercise Prescription depending on the nature of the injury.



Baseline Concussion Testing 

The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT5) is a standardized test for evaluating concussions. Each athlete should have their own individual pre-season baseline test done, as it serves as a tool for safer re-integration into sport.


Concussion Management  

  1. Initial  Concussion Assessment
  2. Concussion management 

 A concussion management protocol is important to prevent athletes from returning to sport too early, which could put them at risk for long-term consequences or even death.  Early intervention is very important, so that concussion symptoms are fully monitored and a Certified Athletic Therapist can guide them through a graduated return to play. Key features of a concussion management protocol include symptom reporting & monitoring, graduated activity participation and a SCAT5 re-test

If therapy treatments or vestibular rehabilitation are also required, it is an additional cost of a standard treatment.

*If you've sustained a concussion, please contact Infinite Sports Therapy as soon as  possible to be evaluated.



Photograph by Ron Hole

 Athletic or Therapeutic Taping   


K-Taping is a therapeutic tape and is used as an additional therapy tool.

K-Taping can be used for pain management, reduction in muscle tension or even to decrease swelling.



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Football Game Medical Coverage

Event Coverage

Do you need medical coverage for a sporting event?

As a Certified Athletic Therapist with First Responder certification, we specialize with on-field immediate care of injuries.

Coverage of your sporting event includes; pre-event preparation, sideline injury and concussion assessment, recognition and management of acute traumatic injuries and First Aid & CPR-HCP.



*All prices are subject to GST