Reducing Hip Flexor pain at home

Hip flexors are being used daily with walking/running and getting tighter with prolonged sitting and overuse activities. Hip flexor strains often occur during sprinting, kicking activities or an increase in training (ie. Running). Strains occur due to a sudden contraction of the hip flexor muscle or overusing the muscle without proper stretching or rest.   […]

Active Rehabilitation- when do I need it?

I suffered an injury and don’t seem to be as mobile as before, what can I do? Active Rehabilitation is a key component to returning to your regular lifestyle after a sports or MVA injury and involves education, cardiovascular exercise, injury-specific strengthening and sport or work specific activities. It is important to have a good […]

Is sitting at my desk all day causing my neck and upper back pain?

Many people who work at computers or at a desk suffer from neck and upper back pain that progressively gets worse. Many components that contribute to this problem are poor chairs, improper desk/screen height and poor posture. When assessing posture, we need to look at the mobility of the area, muscle tightness and weakness. Many […]

June is National Athletic Therapy Month

Many individuals don’t know what a Certified Athletic Therapist is or what they do! Certified Athletic Therapist are well known for treating athletes, from the professional athlete, our team Canada to the local youth sports team. What you should know is that ATHLETIC THERAPY IS FOR EVERYONE!    Canadians engage in some form of physical […]

I’m active but constantly have lower back pain- what can I do?

Lower back pain is common in many individuals; from those that work at desks, stand for prolonged periods of time or more active individuals who have a sudden increase in training or participate in a new activity. Often, lower back pain is due to a pelvic dysfunction but other attributing factors are poor posture, poor […]

Suffered a concussion, rested for a week but still having problems playing sports?

When you suffer a concussion, it is a traumatic event to the brain that is caused by an excessive force on the skull which in turn causes damage to the brain cells. Concussions can affect an individual’s ability to perform everyday activities, achieve in the classroom and participate in sports, as it causes physical, cognitive […]

What causes pain on the outside of the knee?

The most common cause of lateral knee pain is Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) which is the inflammation of the IT band as it rubs on the outside of the knee joint.

The IT band starts at the pelvis and inserts just below the knee and is an important component to stabilizing the knee and having proper patellar alignment. If the band gets too tight, it can cause pain, inflammation, misalignment and decreased range of motion which can all lead to other injuries.

Many active individuals experience ITBS due to overuse in their activity, with an increase in their training or muscular imbalance (ie. Weak gluteus medius muscle).

A great technique to loosen the tension of the IT band is FOAM ROLLING. Watch our video for proper foam rolling techniques.

If your pain doesn’t resolve, make sure to contact our clinic to have a full knee and pelvis assessment to ensure there are no other complications that could cause a delay in your recovery.