What causes pain on the outside of the knee?

The most common cause of lateral knee pain is Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) which is the inflammation of the IT band as it rubs on the outside of the knee joint.

The IT band starts at the pelvis and inserts just below the knee and is an important component to stabilizing the knee and having proper patellar alignment. If the band gets too tight, it can cause pain, inflammation, misalignment and decreased range of motion which can all lead to other injuries.

Many active individuals experience ITBS due to overuse in their activity, with an increase in their training or muscular imbalance (ie. Weak gluteus medius muscle).

A great technique to loosen the tension of the IT band is FOAM ROLLING. Watch our video for proper foam rolling techniques.

If your pain doesn’t resolve, make sure to contact our clinic to have a full knee and pelvis assessment to ensure there are no other complications that could cause a delay in your recovery.


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